Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Where I start to enjoy the track

Well I did something stupid and signed up to play hockey on Saturday nights. Rob has me doing my long runs on Sundays. See what I mean? Stupid!

So this Sunday when I was supposed to do 12K, I ended up doing 10. Then last night, which was supposed to be a rest night, I felt guilty so I went and did 8 at the track.

But the good thing about going to the track last night is that I developed a new appreciation for it. Despite the fact that there were A LOT of people there who had obviously resolved to get in shape for the New Year (good for them), and there were a couple of track teams in training and generally being lane-hogging knobs, it was a good run. I had a couple of people to chase, which was way more interesting than running alone every night with no goal except the time.

Anyways I’m supposed to run 6 tonight, but I also signed up to play dodgeball (which is stupid in itself) and it starts tonight. So I’ll try to squeeze my 6K in before the game. Otherwise I’ll move the 6K to tomorrow night…whatever, I’m feeling good. I’m still running my distances each week, just not always as Rob plans them for me. Hopefully he doesn’t read this blog. Heh heh.

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  1. Who signs up to play dodgeball?? And where is there a league for such a "sport"...the local gay club?